The Wintry Mix - Cascade IPA brewed with Hippity Hops Farms Cascade hops

Brewed up another small batch of Single Hops IPA last night.  I ended up cooking it up right after work and got it all done just before Tsnownami 2010 arrived.  Brew day went smooth, I had about a dozen assistant brewers which was a really fun time.   There's a  lot of times where it'd be nice to have a helping hand while brewing, so thanks everyone for all of the help.  Especially for Kaveh for helping with the grind and general brewing knowledge.   JJ for helping with mashing in, and with straining the hops, Haley for stirring the pot, and Katie K. for naming and designing the label for the beer....The Wintry Mix.  This is an experimental beer that we brewed for the Nordeast Home Brew Club Single Hop experiment.   We used Hippity Hops farms Cascade hops through and through in this beer, and I'm stoked to sample this beer side by side with other hop varieties.    We used 2 oz of Hippity Hops Cascade hops at 60 minutes, 20 minutes, and 1 minute and I'll dry hop it with 2 oz. as well.   Brew day and temp #'s match closely to my recent Citra Hop brew day.   The only difference from brewday was that I sparged it right a 167 compared to the Citra brew day where my sparge was a little lower in the lower to mid 160's.   I also ended up with about 5 gallons of Cascade as compared to the 5.5+ gallons of the Citra.  Unfortunaltely I was busy partying while ending up the  brew day and I didn't take any gravity readings.   Pretty stupid, as I'd really like to have those numbers.    What eva.   It's fermenting and we'll taste it in a month or so!

Thanks everyone that helped!

12.21.10 - Dry Hopped with 3 oz. Hippity Hops Cascade Hops

1.26.10 - Tasting notes.   This beer turned out really interesting.  The Dry hop aroma is great and exactly what you'd think it would be from Cascade hops.   Citrusy and a little grapefruity.   The bittering of this isn't quiet where it should be which is a little weird, but being that these hops are from young rizomes (1-2 year old bines) this may increase as they mature!   I would say, instead of 70 IBU's it's probably around 40 IBU's.  It is a little grassy on the finish which also could be expected from young hop bines.  The finish almost has a herbal taste reminiscent of green tea.   It's definitely a really nice beer with the Hippity Hops locally grown Cascade hops.  It think for now I'd suggested mainly using them for Dry Hops, and combining these with a nice High Alpha hop for bittering and you'll be real happy with your resulting beverage.   Can't wait to see how these locally grown hops mature and change over the next few years!

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