Soul Feeder - Mai Bock - Double Decoction

I'm on a quest right now to brew a bock for every season, so I'm starting out with a MaiBock/Helles bock to be drank in the spring.  It'll probably be it's best on May day which is traditionally when Mai Bock's are ready for consumption.  I hope this lasts that long, but I have a feeling I'm going to be wanting to sample this one a lot.

I acquired a 10 cu. ft. chest freezer and have it hooked up to a Johnson Temp controller so that it's right at 48 degrees.   I'll ferment it there for two weeks or until it's almost done with primary fermentation.  After that, I'll either bring it upstairs for a couple days to get rid of diecytel, or I'll put it straight into secondary and lager for 3 months at least at 34 degrees!

Brewing a Bock Style beer typically required some advanced brewing skills, and extra time.   With Tsnownami 2010 in full effect, I've got nothing but time.   I just hope that I have the advanced brewing skills to make this Decoction mash happen.   The key of the decoction mash as I can tell is that you want to boil a portion of your mash on the side.  This will create Melanoidins...and that means an abundance of malty flavor ...that I so desire!

Double decoction mash
Strike water of 6 gallons at 150 degrees brought me to my first step at 133 degrees  - Protein Rest and some Saccrification occured for 25 minutes.
*Pulled 18 quarts of thick mash after 5 minutes and slowly brought to a boil.
**Poured the boiling decoction back into the main mash in order to increase the temperature from 133 up to 154. Hit it right on!
**Pulled a decoction of 12 quarts and boiled for mash out.  Mashed out and collected 24 quarts or 4 gallons
***Batch sparged at 167 and collected 24 quarts

7 lbs Pilsner
6 lbs Vienna
3 lbs Munich light
FWH 1 oz Saaz
FWH 1 oz Celeia
30 minutes 1 oz Saaz.

12o minute boil.
Boiled down to just under 6 gallons.

 40 IBU's
OG: 1.064
FG: 1.012
6.8% ABV

 ***Please feel free to comment on whether you think I did a decent job with this decoction mash as it was my first.  From my readings, I found that having the Protein rest at around 133 degrees is the best way to do it with today's highly modified malts.   I didn't think the Acid 95 degrees?, and Protein rest at 122 was necessary.    I'm not even sure a decoction mash does much at all with today's malts.   Let me know if you have some advice!

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