Single-tier build!

Last night my boy Rob aka Rob the Renovator came on by my pad to help me finish my brew house set up.  I really couldn't have imagined that my set up would be almost complete, but Rob was extremely motivated and helpful.  When I told him I needed a single tier brew stand, he was like...cool...I know a place where I can get cheap steel.  I'll pick it up on Monday on my day off.   Okay!   The kid picked up the steel, some casters, and everything I needed and totally hooked this shit up!   He is the MAN!   The guy knows what he wants and he goes after it.  I'm just lucky to be on the receiving end of his generosity and ambition.   
What I still need to do:
1. Buy another burner for my boil kettle (suggestions?)
2. Either build a tool box for my pump, or mount it. (done, mounted)
3. Buy ball valves for the march pump for easier priming, and to regulate flow. (done)
4. Hook up some kind of ventilation system to my garage window
5. Put a 1/2" bulk head on my Mash tun so that all of my bulkheads are the same (done)


Biere De Noel - on Keggle system with march pump and quick disconnects

Here is the current set up!  I definitely need to make a single or double tier stand for it, but for right now it's definitely functional cause I just created a beautiful Biere de Noel based on the the recipe in the book Farmhouse Ales by Phil Markowski. 

This was my first attempt using my full set up with the two keggles, igloo cooler, and the march pump.  I gotta say, it worked great for the mash, but I had some issues priming the pump for my sparge.   I need some guidance on the best practice for the march pump set up.  I've heard on forums that everybody has issues using the march pump, but now I know first hand that it can be a little annoying.   In this case it took so long to move the water from the hot liquor tank to lauter tun for the sparge that I didn't hit my sparge temp.   It was just under 156 degrees so I took a portion of grain and wort out and boiled it and still barely got above 163 degrees. It was almost like a decoction step and doing that really put all my fear of the decoction to rest.     Anyways,  after the suedo-decoction step.... I was like... whatever man, collected my sparge water, and boiled for 2 hours!   The long boil was two fold, it's traditional for the style to do a long boil and to increase the malty flavor in the beer, but also when using Pilsner malt it helps to drive off the diacetyl.   With the cool Autumn air and water the wort chilled to 70 degrees in about 15 minutes! 

Here it is...

Thunder Lizard - Biere de Noel

67% German two-row Pils
21% Munich Malt - 10
5% Caramunich II
5% Muscovado Sugar
1% Black Malt

FWH 120 min - 0.5 oz Magnum (homegrown)
20 min - 2 oz. French Strisselspalt hops

Denny's Fav 50 yeast 1450

OG: 1075
FG:  1011
ABV: 8.4%
IBU: 30
SRM: 16

***Can't wait to get my Johnson temp control set-up so that I can do my first Bock.  Back in the day New Glarus Uff Da Bock was one of my favorite beers on the planet.

4.2.11 - Sampled this nearly 6 months after brewing it.  It's mellowed quite a bit.  Appearance is a brilliant brownish red.   The aroma is of earthy hops, sweet candied rum, and a bit of grainyness (possibly derived from the sudo-decoction) Not sure if this grainy-ness in the aroma is a flaw or not.  I do like the overall complexity in the aroma.    Taste is a of sweet malt and a bit of rum derived from the muscovado sugar.   The finish is a balance bitter sweet but more towards the sweet end.   The rum flavor hits you at the very end and may be a bit overpowering.  ***If I was to do this recipe again, I'd lower the amount of muscovado sugar to 2-3% as it's extremely flavorful.   Meduim bodied and extremely flavorful...just took 6 months for it all to come together.  I'm really starting to love these French Strisselspalt Hops.  Earthy, fragrant, and I think they'd go really well with Saaz.


ArtenBru event on November 19th - The freshest beer and art in the area!

Artenbru is going to be an awesome event.   I'm gonna be pouring some of my beers at this really cool event on November 19th at the Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar.  There will be 10 local homebrewers and 10 local designers collaborating for a one of a kind event.  The brewers will have beers for sampling, and the designers will be developing a brand for that beer/brewery and selling event posters.  This event is open to the public, and you all can come check it out and sample beers and buy art!   I can't wait to see what my designer comes up with for the event Poster!  The beers that will be poured at this event are going to be the absolute top quality and freshest beer you've ever drank!   Just wait and see what shows up!   I can't wait to meet all of the other homebrewers at the event and taste what they are brewin!   Not sure what beer/ beers I'll be bringing to the event yet, but I'm very confident that people will enjoy them!   If you like beer, and you like art then this is absolutely the event to come check out.  Come on out, meet some people, check out some art,  drink some beer, and have a great time!  

Here is the list of brewer and designer teams..

Brewer Juno Choi + Designer Dan Kearney
Brewer Garth Blomberg + Designer Karl Engebretson
Brewer Stephen Perrier +  Designer Bryan Peiper
Brewers Tony Kutzke & Mike Walsh + Designer Nick Brue
Brewer Tim Sullivan + Designer Lucas Gluesenkamp
Brewer Nick Pederson + Designer Adam Hoganson
Brewer Steve Fletty + Designer Clint Lugert
Brewer Sean Kampshoff + Designer Andy Manthei
Brewer Kristen England + Designer Peet Fetsch
Brewer Curt Stock +Designer Bud Snead

Hope you all can make it!


Welcoming a new Assistant Brewer to the Dank Brew Haus!

Leo DeAngelo Pederson born on September 30th, 2010 will be joining the Dank Family as Assistant Brewer Dude! He is hard working and is currently working on making it on his own in this crazy world with the help of a health Mom and Dad! His main function at the brewhouse will be to make sure he is eating, pooping, and sleeping for the next few months. He is a wee lad and he won't be doing any heavy lifting for a few years, but he will be a great asset to the growth of this operation!


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