about me

My name is Nick Pederson, aka, dank brewer.  Most people know me as Nick, Pickle, Nick L. Bag, Nicki-poo, Nicker-bocker, Peds, Nickle Bag O Funk, Wolfman's brother, one half of Brothers Pederson, Surly...etc.

I've been brewing for some time now and have been documenting my travels through the brewstratosphere.  I've gained much knowledge by reading a ton of books, making connections and asking questions, trial and error, following and reading blogs, and basic Italian instinct recipe building skills.   I have much knowledge to gain and encourage anyone frequenting this silly blog to make comments, call me out when I say something stupid (not my grammar though, I know it sucks), call me out when I do something totally stupid in my brewing process especially, tell me if I'm doing something right, give me suggestions.  I want to learn and improve constantly.    That's the best part of brewing is having fun, progressing, experimenting, and having fun (did I say that already?)..

What I'm up to you may ask?
I'm currently writing a business plan for my own brewery Dank Funk Brewing Company that is on the 5-20 year plan.  Once a month you can find me at Eastside Neighborhood Services as the VP of the Nordeast Brewers Alliance - Homebrew Club!   Oh yeah...I'm also brewing a lot, and experimenting constantly with split batch's and what not.   Fun stuff.  Obsessed much...I think so!  When I'm not doing that, I'm hanging out with my first born son Leo DeAngelo Pederson, the cutest little kid on the planet.  I always hanging with my beautiful wife Melissa,  and of course my faithful brew dog...Nala.  

The purpose of this site is to improve my brewing, hopefully improve other peoples brewing, make connections in the industry, enjoy things that ferment to their fullest, and really to reach out to other like minded people. Remember....stop making sense!


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