Being locked out of your own blog for months kinda sucks

Howdy All,

I'm still here...I simply had my blogspot account associated to an email address that I no longer use, nor does it exist and I had been locked out for about 7 months.    I'm still brewing, I'm still making crazy concoctions...mostly blending my sour beers at this point, and drinking the barrel aged beers that have now come to fruition from our 6 club barrels, some of them are on their 2nd or 3rd fill at this point!   I'm considering moving this blog to Wordpress soon because not only is blogspot old and crappy and my friends told me to switch to wordpress years ago...but now all of the kids are on Tumblr.  What to do.   I'll figure it out very soon.   Brew. Drink . Repeat


Dankbrewer aka Nick

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