Single Hop Citra IPA

So i brewed a 5 gallon batch tonight for the Single Hop IPA experiment.   I used Citra hops, and they smelled fantastic.   I also used my brand new Barley Crusher and got a real nice fine crush.  I thought my efficiency might jump a bit, but it turned out to be right on par with my last brew which was 70% efficiency.   I did double crush last time at Midwest brew supply so I'm not surprised.  It'll be nice having a consistent crush though!  One less variable to worry about.   70% isn't too bad, but I feel like it should be a bit higher, maybe 75-80%.   Maybe I'll have to start fly-sparging and graduate from the ol' trusty, quick, dirty, and easy batch sparge.   It's just so quick, easy, dirty, and trusty though.   Plus I have so little time now with my "Little Lion Man". 

Nordeast Brew Club Single Hop Experiment

Single Hop Citra IPA

10 lbs Briess Organic 2-Row Barley
1 lb Flaked Oats
0.5 lb Crystal 60L
0.5 lb Carapils

Mash at 153 for 60 minutes
Sparge at 165 for 30 minutes

60 Minute boil.

1 oz Citra (12.3%) at 60 minutes
1 oz Citra (12.3%) at 20 minutes
1 oz Citra (12.3%) at 1 minutes
1-2 oz Citra (12.3%) dry hop for 10 days
68 IBU's

Collected 5.7 gallons of wort at 1.052 OG

Cooled to 70 degrees and pitched a smack pack of Wyeast 1056 and put upstairs at 68 degrees to ferment!\

12.21.10 - Dry Hopped with 2 oz. Citra hops

1.26.11 - Tasting notes.   The aroma of these citra hops are really great.  It's a mix of piney and citrus lemon almost like Pine-Sol.   It also has a definite mango smell too it.  Maybe pineapple.  Really awesome hop.  They did a great job of bittering as well but definitely a little bit on the harsher side of hop bitterness.   The bitterness would be a little more mellow if you First Wort Hopped instead of adding at 60 minutes.   I think this would be a good substitute to Simcoe, although Simcoe is a little more catty, and has a little bit different fruit profile.   The beer is extremely tasty and refreshing, and the Oats gave it a really nice smooth mouthfeel that makes the resiny hops really coat the mouth.   This is a great recipe that let's the hops shine for any Single Hop experiement.  Let me know if you brew it with any hops and how it turns out.

 Single Hop Citra IPA         The Essence IPA

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