Dank Brewing, now taking Special Orders!

Apparently my dad likes my beer enough that he wants to share it with his friends. He has requested a beer for his golfing league. Therefore, Dank Brewing is now officially taking special orders. Have a party or special event and I'm invited, let me know at least 4 weeks in advance and you might have a tasty home made beverage to serve to your guests.

First Project.
Golfing Beer for my Pops
(Suggestions for the name, please.)
1. Kick, Push - Winter Rules Ale
2. A Foolish Pleasure, Whateva - Big Papa Ale
3. True Playa - Big Papa Ale
4. Flag-y, Hole-y - Cream of the Crop Ale
5. Lone Wolf Ale
6. Gungala, Gungala, which is nice - Cream Ale

In an effort to work up the perfect pint for my dad and his golfing buddies, I'm going to make a nice light drinking ale. I was thinking Bier de Garde, Saison, Kolsch, or maybe a Cream ale.

Who knows what it will be, but just for shit's and giggles, I'm going to attempt a clone of the Wisconsin favorite, Spotted Cow. It's a very easy drinking beer for the summer, and I'm hoping to come up with something close, but not quite as sweet.

For the longest time I thought that Spotted Cow was a New Glarus, WI brewers take on a Saison (Belgian Farmhouse Ale). While that may be in part true, I think that it's closer to an American Cream ale (Lawnmower Beer). I think I'll try this recipe with a few different yeasts. The first one will be a Kolsch because I've heard through the hop bine that Dan Carey uses Kolsch yeast for the Cow. I'll also try a German Wheat yeast fermented at around 62 degrees to reduce some of the banana-y flavors, and then I'll also try it with my favorite type of yeast, French Saison, fermented at high temps around 75+ degrees.

Here is my recipe. If your a recipe wizard, please give feedback and thoughts. I'll keep you updated as to the finished product.

5 gallons

5.5 lb Rahr 2-row
1.5 lb Flaked Corn
.5 lb Flaked Barley
1 lb Crystal 20

1 oz Northern Brewer (45 minutes)
.5 oz Saaz (10 minutes) (I used 1oz)

WLP029 Kolsch Yeast

Tasting Notes:   This beer had a little bit of a thin, almost watery mouthfeel which was to be expected because I mashed fairly low at 149 degrees.  It was nice and cloudy like a spotted cow, but it didn't exactly taste like a spotted cow.  Close, but definitely more hops.  Probably because I put in more hops at the end then I intended to do.   It ended up having a pleasant lemony, citrus taste after each sip that comes from the Saaz hops.  I wasn't a huge fan of the Kolsch yeast, so next time I may try the Wyeast Kolsch, or something completely different for fun.   My dad (who I brewed this for) loved it though.  This is also my Mom's favorite beer of mine so far.  


  1. Speaking of New Glarus, do you think you could make me a Coffee Stout dupe? It's my best friend.

  2. Ummm...Coffee Stout. I could go for one of those this morning.

  3. The Spackler Special Ale!! Cannonball! Another beer to suggest would be a noble hopped pils, since you have the fridge now that would work quite well...

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bv87T1CQF8E


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