Irish Red Ale for St. Patty's Day!

I brewed an Irish Red Ale tonight getting ready for my wife's favorite holiday, St Patty's Day! Melissa is 'up to her eyes' Irish and she won't shy away from telling ya. She gets her Irish spirit from one of her and my inspirations, her Grandma Thelma. Thelma was an amazing woman. I believe she was 100 when she passed away, but she was so young at heart. Thelma used to get decked out for St. Patty's day every single year, and I mean decked out. Green everything, and huge glass's and hats, and all kinds of accessories. It was amazing. To give you a little idea of the kind of lady she was, one Christmas when she was around 96 years old, she came over for Christmas dinner, and I asked her what she'd like to drink, her reply, "I'll just have a shot!"

Thelma was a little Irish Spit Fire I tell ya. Hence the name of my beer....Irish Spit Fire Red Ale. She was small in stature, but not in spirit. It's an Irish Red Ale brewed in the memory of Thelma. Raise a glass on St. Patty's day and remember to stay youthful like Thelma. When someone asks you what you'd like to drink, dare say, "Just a shot"!


Tasting notes:

This turned out to be a fantastically malty beverage.  It has a nice bready aroma and flavor with little to no hops in there.   The hops nicely balance the beer so that it's not too sweet.  I could drink a ton of this, and the only reason I don't brew more of it is...I've got a billion other beers I want to drink.   This is possibly my favorite beer that I've ever brewed.  My next favorite is my GF Hop Head Red Ale clone.  Another Red ale, but this time extremely Hoppy.  Apparently I like red ales.


  1. Nice post and a great story. Hope the beer turns out well for you. I'll be raising a glass in Thelma's honor. Thanks for reminding us to remember those wonderful people waiting for us at the great taphouse in the sky. Slainte!

  2. Ha ha! Nice story man. Sounds like a more than worthy reason to brew up something nice!


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