NE Darkside Steam

Just wanted to put in my two cents about the release party last night at the Rock Bottom. I missed the actual tapping as I arrived at 6:02 pm. I heard that Assistant Brewer Kaveh Rahimi made the release announcement to the crowd, then finished it off with a massive front flip on the bar. Dang I need to get there earlier next time. We ended up drinking many-a-beer last night, and I personally put down three of Kaveh's - NE Darkside Steam Beers! It was extremely drinkable. The Steam style, or California Common, is not a style of beer that people drink a ton of in Minnesota. This beer is very smooth, creamy and malty. Not a ton of hops in his version. It's a nice winter warmer at 6% and has an impressive dark color and smells nice and roasty toasty. Nothing too over powering at all in this beer, just very well balanced! It's a little green, and will definitely mellow out a bit in the next month. Like I said though, the drinkability was really high! Kudo's to Kaveh for putting out a great beer and not only pushing the style boundaries, but also putting out a style of beer not common in the Midwest!



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