It's easy being cheesy!

I just found out about Dave's brewfarm (http://davesbrewfarm.blogspot.com/) in Wilson, WI from my Mom actually. Apparently she's trying to take an interest in what she calls, "my obsession". She bought some tickets to a beer tasting event at Pairings in Minnetonka. Dave was at pairings and was tasting some of his beers which was very fun and informative. Some realizations from last night in no specific order.

1. Dave is a certified Yeast freak.
2. It's easy being Cheesy. Wisconsin makes it so much easier to start a brewery compared to Minnesota it's not even funny. No wonder Sconnie has a billion micro breweries, and MN has just a handful. Here's a quick list of why it's easier in Sconnie...
  • In Dave's own words "Wisconsin is the wild wild west of brewing"
  • You can sell your own product retail on-site at the brewery.
  • You can distribute your own product.
  • You can live on site if you so choose.
  • It cost ZERO dollars to get a brewing license/certificate from the State. It's $500 in MN.
  • I'm pretty sure the list goes on and I'd love to here a complete list from someone more informed. Dave?
3.Beer brewed with seaweed can be fairly good tasting. It wasn't amazing by any standard, but drinkable and sessionable, absolutely.
4. I was completely inspired by Dave's Brewfarm!!! Both the idea behind the farm, and his idea's about beer, mainly yeast, have inspired me completely. Can't wait to make the trek out to Wilson, WI and also to watch his progress.
5. Dave brews some really good beer. He tasted a German beer, a Scottish Ale, and a Pale Ale. Keep in mind that he classifies his beer by what strain of yeast he used in it. His beers have no apparent classifications other then his Lager. I would have to say my favorite was his Scotch Ale brewed with Chinook hops. That things was real drinkable at 9%!!! His German one was pretty dang tasty as well, and very yeasty which you'd expect from a german ale yeast. Good luck Dave! Can't wait to try the Matacabra's.

Stay Classy Minneapolis. Let me know when I have at least one reader.


  1. Wisconsin is so much kinder to it brewers. But I do love out breweries. Glad to se anotyher on board here. I'll add you to my blog roll and include you in the next blogger summit. Cheers!

  2. Ya never know, you might even have two readers ;)
    I tease but nice post and your spot on about WI, which is one of the many reasons we as lovers of craft beer in Minnesota should continue to work with our elected officials to make things better for our fine brewers. Good luck with your ventures. It's always good to see the love grow.

  3. I've made it. Someone read my blog other then my mom. Oh wait, I haven't told her about my blog yet. congratulations to my first readers. I'll give you a free hug when I met you! Cheers!!!

  4. Does your uncle count? Nice work... love the pic. Looking forward to the Crazy Horse on saturday... (a new cellaring record has been established... maybe I can do it) Wish I had more than one.


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