Maybe the best beer I've ever had! ...Updated...

Oh man.   So I'm celebrating that I have a baby BOY on the way in about 20 more weeks!!!  Yes, we just found out from our 19 week ultrasound the sex of our first child is a BOY.   A hockey playing, worm digging, mud slinging, poop stain having, snot flicking, bmx bike riding, wakeboarding, BOY!  So, I decided to bust out something from the cellar to celebrate.   I've been wanting to try this belgian beer for some time now.  It's the Belgian Triple/DIPA from Brasserie d' achouffe .

It's called Houblon Chouffe, but I refer to it as the Hop Goblin Monster!   It's so frickin tasty that I can't even put it into words.  It's not like anything you'll find from an american brewer. It's yeasty and the hops are earthy, and floral. Not citrusy and grapefruity like so many IPA's and DIPA's being produced in the US. I'm a big fan of Belgians, but triples can sometimes get too hot, and yeasty for me. Balancing the flavors out with the hops in this beer really take it to another level for me. It's such a treat. Please try this beer. If you want, check out what other people say about it at www.beeradvocate.com.

Town Hall flight night!

Oh yeah. Also had the 'seasonal' flight at Town Hall right after our appointment. The 1800 EPA was nice out of the cask. DIPA wasn't as complex as I was hopping for on the hops. Triple was tasty, Hefe was forgettable, the Porter infused with coffee was damn tasty, and the Coconut RIS was a little overpowering on the coconut, almost like licking suntan lotion. Overall, I was super happy in general, and when the average ABV in a flight is 8% for $9. You can't go wrong with that shit!


  1. Congratulations! SO excited for you two. That looks like a damn tasty belgian pale! Town hall is great, I really like the oatmeal stout there, it's my go to when ever I go there, the IPA isn't bad but isn't fantastic! Cheers!

  2. What a tease! When are you guys going to let the rest of the world know the gender of your future supergenius?

  3. I've been sworn to secrecy until a couple weeks. You'll know very soon. We are super happy though and can't wait to tell people and get ready!!!

  4. Pete Slosberg (Pete's Wicked) claims he gave B. d'Achouffe the idea. It may have just been beer and wine talk, but that's what he said. Tasty beer.

    Oh, I'm following you now, too. And congrats on the wee lad!

  5. @Jason...that would make sense that it would be inspired by an American I guess. We are some Hoppy freaks. I think back to two years ago when I thought Sierra Nevada Pale Ale was too hoppy for me. Crazy shit is going down...just happy to be a part of the madness!



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