Dank Doggie Beer Biscuits..

My little beer drinking dog Nala is soon to be the luckiest dog on the block.  Not only does she get to drink my carefully crafted ales on occasion, chew on some hot spent grains on brew days, hang by my keggerator patiently waiting to lick up any drippings from the tap, and jump up on tables and counters when a beer spills to "help" us clean it up.  Now,  she'll have some wonderfully grainy, fibrous, peanut-buttery spent grain beer biscuits.

In my attempt to figure out a decent use for my spent grains, I decide to do a little google searching and came up with a great idea and an easy recipe.   I doubled a recipe I found online, and cut out a bit of flour.  Here is the recipe as I did it.

8 cups Spent Grain from brew day (this batch has barley, oats, and wheat)
6 cups Flour
2 cups Peanut Butter
2 eggs

Spread out on a cookie sheet and score the sheet into the shape that your dog prefers.  My dog is traditional so she likes rectangular shapes.   Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.  Once cooked....apparently your supposed to break them up into their little cookie shape and put them back in the over at 200 for 3-4 hours or more.  Doing this ensures that they don't get moldy in storage.  I suppose you could also just freeze them.  I know little Nala likes ice cubes, and I'm sure she wouldn't mind cold beer treats.



  1. That is a great idea man, if you have too many biscuits at some point you can probably compost the grain and use it to fertilize the hops. It's the circle of life ( I am singing the lion king song).

  2. I'll send some Beer Biscuits with Melissa to work for Kristi....for Murphy. Make sure to only give them to Murph as a special treat though cause they are packed with Fiber.


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