Wyeast French Saison - 3711 vs. Safbrew T-58

I'm really getting into experimenting with different shit in brewing.   If you've followed any of my posts, you know I've been messing around with my brew water a little bit, and now I've done this yeast experiment with a couple of belgian strains.   As a beer blogger in Minneapolis I feel like I must make the results of this last experiment available to the public.   Okay..that was just a cheap SEO ploy by putting MINNEAPOLIS HOMEBREW BLOGGER in my post so I can get some more Search Engine Optimization.

Anyways...it was a pretty cool yeast experiment that is going to end up with two distinctly yeasty Saison's that are going to be terrific summer quaffers.   I took a simple Saison recipe from Northern Brewer, and I brewed it like a Bier de Garde, and then split the batch with Wyeast French Saison 3711(which I really like) and Safbrew T-58(which I'd never tried).

Wyeast French Saison 3711-
After 3 weeks in primary fermentation at 66-68 degrees it came all the way down to 1.002This yeast is a beast!  Serioiusly.  I didn't think that was even possible to ferment out that completely without champagne yeast.  Sampling it during bottling, it had a nice sharp fruitiness of citrus and apples and a slick mouthfeel.  It's fantastic!  Should be nice and dry.  

Safbrew T-58 - Belgain dry packet
After 3 weeks in primary fermentation at 66-68 degrees it came down to 1.008 which was pretty normal and it had a great yeasty flavors of  cloves, anise and black pepper. .It was real tasty as well!

Wyeast French Saison 3711 vs. Safbrew T-58
(winner is yet to be determined)

Come on over for a tasting!
***FYI (my SEO experiment worked too!)

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