Big Papa Stout

Breaking News. The wife and I are expecting a child. We are with child. Baby is on board. We are going to be having a little baby. This is our first child and we are soooo extremely happy. Thankyou so much to all of our friends and family who have tried for so long to help us keep a positive attitude! Without our friends and family, I'm not really sure how we would have kept our heads above water at times. Melissa is going to be a great mother, and I can't wait to see her look in to our little child's' eyes for the first time. Two angels looking back at each-other.

In my excitement I decided to brew a beer, of course, one that would take a while to mature. There are a few different kind of beers that can mature for long periods of time. Some belgians, especially the funky ones, barrel aged beers, some funky english beers, Barleywines, and the ever popular Russian Imperial Stout. I've decided to put together a recipe for a Russian Imperial Stout. I'll brew it in the next week and put it down for 6 months and then bottle it for Halloween, just in time for the late fall arrival of the newest Pederson to see the glorious light of day.

Big Papa Stout - Russian Imperial Stout

malt and fermentables

Malt or Fermentable

13 12 British Pale (Maris Otter)
2 0 American Two-row Pale
1 8 American Organic Chocolate
1 0 Golden Naked Oats
0 12 American Crystal 120L
0 4 Roasted Barley
19lb 4oz

-- --
Batch size: 5.0 gallons

time oz variety form aa
60 mins 2.0 Warrior pellet 15.0
20 mins 2.0 Warrior pellet 15.0
10 mins 2.0 Warrior pellet 15.0
1 min 2.0 Warrior pellet 15.0
dry hop 2.0 Warrior pellet 15.0

Wyeast Dennys Favorite 50
medium flocculation


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