"Once it hits your lips...It's soooo good!" - Hank 'the Tank'

Last night kicked off the start of my big week of bottling in the dank basement brew house. I've got 20 gallons of beer to bottle, well, 15 now since I bottled up my Maple Sap Oatmeal Brown (Bender-ish clone) last night. I took a sip of this beauty last night out of secondary and I must say it might be the tastiest thing these taste buds have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I felt like Hank the tank, and had to pry my lips off like a vampire in restraint. It was a small sip and it was hard to tell if the maple sap had an effect on the final product here, but hopefully with some professional tasters, we can figure out if the maple sap effect was noteworthy.

I'm also going to be bottling my first lager, the Abominable Snow Pilz, my Surly Furious Clone that has been dry hopping, and my Saison experiment. Luckily though all of my fermentation equipment will finally be free for me to brew my Big Pappa Stout!

Cheers and get with me in about three weeks and we'll do a tasting!



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