Berliner 3191 | Saison 3726 | 3 Brett Strains | 11 gallons

I have some very exciting news for all of the Bretta freaks out there.  I had a baby boy and I named him Brett! 

Just kidding, I had a baby and I named him Benjamin although my homebrew club thought for sure I'd name him Brett Lambicus Pederson.   Actually I would have preferred Brett Claussenii Pederson or Brett Drie Pederson, but Benjamin it is!!!

With baby Benny on his way into the world, I didn't have time for anything but an extract brew, but hear is what transpired...

I acquired 3 NEW strains of Bretta a few weeks back.  Okay, they aren't new strains of brettanomyces as they came from a bottle of Cantillon Iris, but they are NEW to ME!   A few weeks back I saw a post by BKYeast where he said he had issolated 3 strains of Brett from a bottle of Cantillon Iris, as well as issolated the Brett strain in the Wyeast 3191 Berliner Weiss blend.   He then went on to say that he cultured them all up separately and those that emailed, he would sent them out for FREE!  All I had to do was pay for shipping!   What a generous guy...right!   Really cool!

So, I ended up getting some Wyeast Brett 3191 Brett issolate, as well as C2, and C3 as he was out of C1 already.  I'm assuming he called them C1, C2, C3 to show that they were issolated from (C)antillon.  

Also in my fridge I had a smack pack of Wyeast 3191 Berliner Blend, and some Wyeast 3726 Farmhouse Ale.  (I'd never done a Berliner, and I'd never used this specific Saison yeast).

Because I wanted to test all of these strains out and get some nice yeast cakes to build up a nice supply of these special strains of Brett, Yeast, and Lacto I decided to make a really simple "starter beer". From this I'll be able to get to know Wyeast 3726 and see how I like this strain that I've heard so much about, as well as I'll have some idea of what the different Brett Strains will contribute to whatever beers I decide to put those in.   Also I'll have a variety of bugs to "accidentally" spill into the 2 Red Wine Barrels my club is about to fill up! 

Here are my "Extract Starter Beers" of Funk!
  • 3726 Farmhouse - 5 gallons
  • 3191 Berliner Weiss Blend - 3 gallons
  • 3191 Brett isolate from BKyeast- 1 gallons
  • C2from BKyeast - 1 gallons
  • C3 from BKyeast - 1 gallons

Berliner Brett Saison

Batch Size: 11 gallons
Specific Gravity: 1.026 OG
Color:   SRM  Yellow
Bitterness: 5.9 IBU  ƒ: Tinseth
Alcohol: 2.9% ABV
Calories: 84 per 12 oz.

Malt & Fermentables







Late Boil






60 min
Goldings, East Kent ~ pellet

3.8 » 5.9


  1. Did you make starters for all of the bkyeast strains? I'm asking because i also received them and intend to do a similar project, but I'm thinking that all of them need to be stepped up, even for a 1 gal pitch. I'd be interested in hearing how these ferment out for you.

  2. I didn't do a starter but definitely should have.

    I heated them up slowly from 68 - 75 degrees and definitely saw activity in one of the gallons..not sure which one, but then my wife and I were in the hospital for a few days having kid #2 and I kinda forgot about them.

    I'll check the gravity soon on them and see where they are at.

    Can't wait to hear what people find as far as the flavor, aroma, attenuation, characteristics from these bretts.

    Cheers and good luck!

  3. Thanks. I look forward to hearing how your fermentation went for each of these strains, what the aroma/flavor components turn out to be, etc. I'll make sure to let you know how mine works out, but it may be a month or so before I can pull my project together. I need to find a way to do 6-8 starters (I have at least that many Bretts to compare) at the same time without having to buy that many 500 ml Erlenmeyers and 1-gal jugs, and only having 1 stir plate on hand :-|

  4. Congrats Nick.
    I'm impressed with you keeping up on your brewing. I'm going to give it my best shot.

    I also have my 3 bkyeast Brett strains going in a similar wort I had frozen previously. I started with .5 gal batches and had activity in a day and half. I'll need to check on them soon and see how they are doing.

    I'll send you some C1 as soon as I get stuff together for our trade.


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