NE Minneapolis Hops update 8.31.10

I'm having a ton of fun this year watching my hops grow to harvest.   The Nugget and the Magnums are about ready to be picked with bright yellow lupulin glands and browning leaves.  I'm hoping to get at least an ounce or two combined as these are typically high alpha bittering hops.   Not really expecting much out of my Mt. Hood hops as that bine only has a few cones.  Last year it didn't flower at all.

***Because I don't get full sun in my back yard, I'm thinking I need to do all I can for these hops next year to get a nice healthy harvest. I'm gonna have to read up on my preparation for proper wintering, make sure I prepare the soil with the appropriate nutrients to help these ladies flower to their fullest. My original plan was to let them grow wild with little to no effort (set it and forget it). I'm thinking that a little love will go a long way in year 3!


  1. All I did with mine was when I planted them I dug a much larger hole than was needed, then I bought some composted manure and filled the holes with that, placed the root and covered with manure and dirt. Cannot wait to taste some of your brew with the homegrown goodness, we should do a joint brew day with wet or dried hops. Mine should be ready in a few weeks, some are ready now, but I want to cut down the harvest time so I am going to wait while keeping a keen eye on the buds!


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