The Chronic Ale - Super Dank Series (01)

This is a super duper hopped up Imperial IPA with a nice mix of Piney, and Fruity hops. This just may be the beginning of my Super Dank series of beers. Or it may be a total bomb and a bummer, or I may do a bunch of Session beers after this. No restraints, no restrictions...just straight up fun! A few things are for sure on this one, it'll be really strong, and it'll be really hoppy!

I'm hoping that the Honey helps this to be not as syrupy as many DIPA out there, with the Honey Malt helping to get a little honey like sweetness left in the finished brew. I'm also hoping that I get really good head retention because you get so much of the hop aroma from that. I'm planning on a fairly low mash temp (150 degrees) for a longer period (75-90min), first wort hops to get a nice smooth hop bitterness, and if I have enough wort, a nice long boil to really get all of the bitterness out of the hops!

I'll be brewing this tomorrow morning so more updates shall come soon on how the brew day goes. I know you'll all be sitting at the edge of your seats because that kinda stuff is soooo interesting.

5.5 Gallons
Fermentables - 23lbs

9 lbs Golden Promise
8 lbs American Two-row
.5 lb Honey Malt
2 lbs Flaked Oats
.5 lb Cara-foam/Dextrine
3 lbs Honey

Hops - 9oz

First Wort Hop (1 oz each)
Magnum and Nugget

20, 15, 10, 5 minute additions (1 oz each combined and split into 4 additions)
Chinook, Columbus, Cascade, Simcoe

Dry Hop (1 oz each)
Centennial, Palisade, Amarillo

Mashed in at 150 degrees and held for 90 minutes. Sparged at 165 degrees for 30. Collected 7 1/2 gallons and boiled down to 5.5 gallons. Gravity reading at 77 degrees was 1.095.

US-05 2-packs

ABV - 11.3%

Cheers. Smoke em if you got em!


  1. that's a big damn beer, man...sounds really good, too. i'll be cooking up some altbier and trying my first decoction tomorrow while knocking back some MN distribution beers that we don't get out here.

    we'll have to work out a bottle swap next time i'm heading your way

  2. oh, and word to the wise, be careful with the honey malt. a little bit goes a long way, as you've no doubt heard before.

  3. I'm down with the bottle swap fo sho! yeah man...I updated the recipe on the blog. only .5 lbs of Honey Malt. I toned the malt bill way down from my original recipe and am just hoping let the hops shine.

    Decoction mashing huh...I'm too intimidated to try that. Can wait to hear how that one turns out!

  4. i was actually surprised at how easy the decoction was. it required some juggling of my sparge water and the mash, and i ended up with a little lower mash-out temp than i wanted, but hey, so far so good on my first decoction mash.


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