Rogue Pacman Yeast is a frickin BEAST!

Holy crap...so I'm using Wyeast's Rogue Pacman Yeast for the first time and holy shit this yeast is a frickin beast! Pitched one smack pack (no starter) into a 5.75 gallon batch of 1.065 wort at 65 degrees in my basement and not even three days later it was already down to 1.012! This beast just won't quit, it's still munchin away at all those nasty sugars and burpin out alcohol and CO2! I've heard it is a nice and clean yeast too. Look out 1056 cause a new dog is in town.

Learnings: If you want a super clean fully fermented yeast that doesn't care what the temperature is...go with the Pacman (IF YOU CAN FIND IT)! Pacman Yeast from Rogue - Wyeast 1764

1 comment:

  1. I vote Double Dead guy in the near future... its as good as the bottle is cool...


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