Surly Furious Clone from Midwest Brew Supply!

I brewed the Surly Furious Clone kit from Midwest Brew Supply last night. Everything went as planned. I hit all of my numbers and this should be a really hoppy beer! Can't wait.

Surly Furious Clone Recipe

07. India Pale Ale All-grain

Boil Volume 6.5 gallons
Batch Size 5 gallons

OG 1.065
FG 1.016
IBU 86
ABV 6.3

% Weight Weight (lbs) Grain
89.8 % 11.00 Golden Promise
8.2 % 1.00 Munich 10L
2.0 % 0.25 Medium Crystal 50-60L

Weight (oz) Boil
1.00 Warrior  60
0.20 Amarillo  20
0.20 Simcoe   20
0.20 Amarillo 15
0.20 Simcoe   15
0.20 Amarillo  10
0.20 Simcoe   10
0.20 Amarillo  5
0.20 Simcoe   5
0.20 Amarillo  0
0.20 Simcoe   0
1.00 Amarillo  0 DryHop
1.00 Simcoe   0 DryHop
1.00 Ahtanum   0 DryHop
6.00 86.1 IBU

Pitched with White Labs Dry English Ale 007 at 70 degrees.
Fermented at 64 degrees for 3 days then raised to 68 for 5 days


  1. I'm very excited about this one. Furious is one of my favorite beers.
    Also I have your empty bottles and will clean them out and bring to work to give to Melissa. Everyone in Rob's family loved your Spitfire Ale! And they all laughed when I told them about Thelma and how she just wanted a shot.

  2. Nice! Glad they liked it. Hope to see you guys soon!

  3. I just purchased the Furious kit from Midwest. When I chatted with one of the reps he reccomended the Wyeast Activator 1335 yeast. When I looked at the Wyeast web site, the above yeast is not rated for a high gravity beer (goes to .63 and Furious goes to .68). Do I need to use a different yeast? I would also like to know which yeast you used and did you airate the bucket after you pitched the yeast. This is only my senond attempt so any feedback is appreciated.

  4. Sorry for the late response, but in case you haven't brewed this already here goes...That yeast is certainly going to be able to ferment that wort just fine. I think it goes up to around 10% alcohol so no worries there. I know that Surly uses a British Ale strain as their main strain at the brewery so it should get you a similar flavor profile to that of Surly! I usually pour the beer back in forth once cooled between the boil kettle and the sanitized fermenter to aerate it. You should be just fine!

    If you want it to be as bitter as Surly Furious i'd add some additional bittering hops, another half ounce of a high alpha hops, warrior, simcoe, or whatever you have on hand. If not don't worry, many people prefer the Midwest kit over the actual Furious as 99 Ibu's is definitely very bitter.


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