San Diego Trip in TWO WEEKS! Streaming San Diego Radio.

I came across this little gem as I've been streaming San Diego Radio for the past week or so getting ready for my work trip to San Diego.  Luckily it's an extend-o trip as the work portion is during the week and I'll be staying through the weekend with my brother who is moving from North Park to Encinitas this week...Pizza Port visit is definitely in my near future!  I love me some Pizza Port: Mongo DIPA!   


  1. have a great time! Any other brewery/brewpub visits planned or being discussed?

  2. Email me the dates and lets plan to meet up. I have some beers for you to try.

  3. I've been followin' your blog for awhile, and I'm moving to Milwakee from the Pacific NW....I'll be Making a few trips up to 'sota, and I'll be bringing some great brews from out here....Let's do some trading...been wanting to try the "Dank Brew" for awhile...Give me a shout!


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