The Essence of Hops: Resin | Sixpoint Brewery

Any one want to trade me some Sixpoint Beer?  

Figures that the owners are from Sconnie!


  1. I can grab you some Sixpoint. What are you looking to try?

  2. I really don't know. I think I'd probably enjoy their one off's (like the mad scientist series)...how do you feel about their regular offerings. Bengali Tiger, Resin, etc.?

  3. I've had Bengali Tiger, the Crisp, and Sweet Action. I haven't had Resin or any of the others. I found their beers to be OK. My wife first discovered them on tap at a place in NY and she loved Sweet Action so she picked up a bunch for me to try at home. I wouldn't go out of my way for them, but I wouldn't avoid them either - I'd especially like to give them a try on tap.

    I haven't had any of their specialty beers, but I haven't looked for them either. I'll look for some now though. If I find something, I'll ship some over to you, along with one of my Wild Yeast Saisons.

  4. Dude...Jim...that would be really cool. Did you bottle condition your wild Saison? I'd love to grow the dregs from that and use in a Siason! Wild yeast from the NE making it's way to Nordeast Mpls!

  5. Yes, the wild saison is bottle conditioned. Not sure how viable the yeast are, but may well be worth trying to grow them up.

    BTW I stopped by one of my local packies with good beer selection and they only had a few of Sixpoint's beers (Bengali Tiger, Sweet Action, Righteous Ale, and their winter seasonal, Diesel). There's another place I will check out this weekend to see if they have anything else.

  6. Resin is amazing.


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