Single-tier build!

Last night my boy Rob aka Rob the Renovator came on by my pad to help me finish my brew house set up.  I really couldn't have imagined that my set up would be almost complete, but Rob was extremely motivated and helpful.  When I told him I needed a single tier brew stand, he was like...cool...I know a place where I can get cheap steel.  I'll pick it up on Monday on my day off.   Okay!   The kid picked up the steel, some casters, and everything I needed and totally hooked this shit up!   He is the MAN!   The guy knows what he wants and he goes after it.  I'm just lucky to be on the receiving end of his generosity and ambition.   
What I still need to do:
1. Buy another burner for my boil kettle (suggestions?)
2. Either build a tool box for my pump, or mount it. (done, mounted)
3. Buy ball valves for the march pump for easier priming, and to regulate flow. (done)
4. Hook up some kind of ventilation system to my garage window
5. Put a 1/2" bulk head on my Mash tun so that all of my bulkheads are the same (done)

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