ArtenBru event on November 19th - The freshest beer and art in the area!

Artenbru is going to be an awesome event.   I'm gonna be pouring some of my beers at this really cool event on November 19th at the Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar.  There will be 10 local homebrewers and 10 local designers collaborating for a one of a kind event.  The brewers will have beers for sampling, and the designers will be developing a brand for that beer/brewery and selling event posters.  This event is open to the public, and you all can come check it out and sample beers and buy art!   I can't wait to see what my designer comes up with for the event Poster!  The beers that will be poured at this event are going to be the absolute top quality and freshest beer you've ever drank!   Just wait and see what shows up!   I can't wait to meet all of the other homebrewers at the event and taste what they are brewin!   Not sure what beer/ beers I'll be bringing to the event yet, but I'm very confident that people will enjoy them!   If you like beer, and you like art then this is absolutely the event to come check out.  Come on out, meet some people, check out some art,  drink some beer, and have a great time!  

Here is the list of brewer and designer teams..

Brewer Juno Choi + Designer Dan Kearney
Brewer Garth Blomberg + Designer Karl Engebretson
Brewer Stephen Perrier +  Designer Bryan Peiper
Brewers Tony Kutzke & Mike Walsh + Designer Nick Brue
Brewer Tim Sullivan + Designer Lucas Gluesenkamp
Brewer Nick Pederson + Designer Adam Hoganson
Brewer Steve Fletty + Designer Clint Lugert
Brewer Sean Kampshoff + Designer Andy Manthei
Brewer Kristen England + Designer Peet Fetsch
Brewer Curt Stock +Designer Bud Snead

Hope you all can make it!

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