Twin Cities Community Brewery - a co-op style production brewery!

 The idea of a Cooperative brewery is something that I've been thinking about for a while now and have been having trouble wrapping my mind around.   About 6 months ago I did a google search and came up with one Brew Pub in Texas that was having the same type of idea, but actually making it happen.   Black Star Co-op Brew Pub is making this very idea come to fruition!   It now looks like there is another one in start up phase in Seattle called the Flying Bike Coop.  This looks to be another Brew Pub.

Now here's the story, last month I attended the The St. Paul Summer Beer Fest which was an awesome beer fest, and upon my beer and merch samplings that day I came across a flier talking about an initial meeting for the St. Paul Co-op Brewery.   I grabbed a flier and put the meeting on my calendar.

That meeting took place this past Saturday at the Happy Gnome in St. Paul with a select few.  It just so happens that the organizers of the St. Paul Brew Fest are the same organizers that are looking to put together this St. Paul Co-op Brewery...now dubbed...Twin Cities Community Brewery   Check the TCCB blog for updates in the future...but for the time being you're better off served becoming a fan on Facebook and joining in on the discussions!  The Facebook page is www.facebook.com/TCCBrewery , and the Twitter handle is twitter.com/TCCBrewery 

Here are some things to think on:
  • Do I want to get involved with the Twin Cities Community Brewery? - ANSWER = YES
  • How can I get involved with the TCCB? - ANSWER - Join in on the discussions on Facebook.  Attend the next meeting.  Talk to your friends, family, and co-workers about it.
  • How are they going to do __________(insert question)? ANSWER = We don't know.   We need your help figuring it out!
  • Do I want to be involved in something really cool, and the first of it's kind?  ANSWER= YES


  1. I read on your "about me" page that you may be working on a NE Homebrew Club...I am assuming it is NE Minneapolis, which is my neck of the woods. I wouldn't mind finding a small group of brewers to get together with on occasion. Any ideas on this yet, looks like your busy anyway, just checking.


  2. Hey Man, you got it. I think you may have found that blog o mine as well with all the gritty details of the homebrew club. We are just getting started and trying to have fun. That's what it's all about! That's exactly what we are, a small group of brewers, who like talking about beer, drinking beer, and chillin in NE! Seriously consider coming to our next meeting! It's on the 18th at Grumpy's. Hope to meet you soon!


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