Beer Release at the Rock Bottom -DT

Just wanted to let my readers know about a beer release I'll be attending tonight. It's at the Rock Bottom where Masterbrewer Bryon Tonnis is constantly working up nice creations for everyone. The big event tonight is all about Assistant Brewer Kaveh Rahimi who will be releasing his very own NE Darkside Steam Beer. For those of you that don't know, Steam beers were popularized in California where they would take Lager Yeast and ferment them at Ale temperatures. Kaveh is a bit of an inspiration to me, because early on in my homebrewing, I ended up getting a few of his old homebrew 'hand me downs' and in the process I tried one of his homebrews. It was a German Alt which at the time was a style that I wasn't very familiar with. I remember it being real smooth and malty and thinking, man I want another one. Tonight at 6 is the big release party which will be Kaveh's second release as a Professional Brewer and I'd highly recommend everyone come down and check out what this kid is doing!

Rock Bottom
800 LaSalle Plaza
Minneapolis, MN 55402
***Beer Release Party starting at 6pm
Be there by 6pm for the tapping and get a FREE PINT!
NE Darkside Steam Beer
Brewed by Kaveh Rahimi

Cheers! Have a beer.


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  1. Beer release party. Can't really argue with that concept.


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