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My Homebrew Club is putting on a Homebrew Contest in the upcoming months and registration is RIGHT NOW!   Since it's our first competition we are hosting we gave an extra long window for people to submit their entries.   For those of you that like to freak on the funk like I do, we'll be having TWO SPECIAL CATEGORIES!    First one is AMERICAN WILD ALE!   Please submit your American Wild Ales that you want feedback on.  Maybe you were trying for a Flanders Red, but ended up with a Flanders Blondish Ale and it doesn't quite fit into any 'style'.  Maybe you just went crazy and created the most amazing sour, funky beer in the planet and want to be recognized for it.   We want to recognize you for it!    Look at your cellar...and submit some funk people!    We'll have great judges for this event as the very next day is an amazing funk event "Where the Wild Beers Are".   There will be a bunch of BJCP judges in Minneapolis attending this event and I plan on getting a few of them to judge the American Wild and 100% Brett categories!  The second special category is 100% BRETT!   Yes, 100% Brett beers are all the rage right now!   Especially with us lazy brewers who decided to embrace brett and just stop trying to fight it!  I kid, but a lot of people have brewed 100% brett beers now, and we'd like to reward those that are pushing those flavor boundaries as well!   Submit your clean beers, submit your funk beers, and please pass the word on about our competition.  Click the image below and you'll get brought right to the website to enter your beers!  

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