Best Session beer for a Summer BBQ? POLL

I'd really like to encourage everyone to give me their opinion on what would be their drink of choice at a summer time BBQ.  Think pool party, bikini's and lots of skin!

                           PLEASE USE THE POLL ON THE LEFT OF THE PAGE

Actually, I'm talking about a bunch of dudes at my HBC's Summer BBQ where we'll be doing our first club only contest for Session beers.   So, think dudes and families and back yard games like croquet, bags, lawn darts, etc!

I'm not going to divulge what I'm thinking about brewing for the event as I know there are a few people from the club that read this blog.  I would however like your opinion on what you'd like to drink at a Summer BBQ to see if it will sway my current direction that I'm thinking for my recipe in my deep cavernous mind.  (Lacto Starter, with a huge pitch of Brett Drie at 48 hours, Maybe a bit of 3711, Saison Wort, aged on Rubarb and a tiny bit of Oak)  oops.


  1. I think I am also going to start experimenting more with using Lacto with Brett Drie.

    That beer you mentioned sounds really good. I think maybe even split the batch with one going to the rhubarb and oak and the other getting dry-hopped with something tropical to play up the Brett Drie and citrus of Wyeast 3711 (Citra, Amarillo, Nelson ...)

  2. might be tough to pull off in a month and a half though. I have another Hop-bomb that I'm thinking about blowing minds with that I'll brew as well and see which one is the winner before the BBQ!


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