Olvalde Farmhouse Ales...Minnesota's newest brewery!

Not sure if everybody knows about this new brewery in town so I thought I'd put up a quick post about it because I'm extremely excited about this brewery and can't wait to visit them!   I was instantly intrigued by Olvalde when I heard about them because it kinda reminds me of the small French farmhouses in Wallonia.    Olvalde Farm and Brewing Company is a small farm brewery in Rollingstone, MN.   It's fairly close to Lake Pepin on Hwy 61 in between Hastings and La-X(crosse),WI.  They release one beer in belgian bottles in March of 2011 to select locations around the cities.   I picked up the Auroch's Horn a Braggot at Dennis Brothers in Cottage Grove which is an absolutely fabulous beer store.   These brothers Dennis know good beer, and better then that, they know how to get their hands on it and sell it at a reasonable price!

I did a review of Olvalde's first offering the Auroch's Horn here which is a Braggot.   I was absolutely blown away by the complexity of this beer.   I'm even more impressed that such a brewery would hit the market with this style of beer in MN!

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