Northeast Homebrew Club - SINGLE HOP TASTING this SATURDAY!

So, my people of NE Minneapolis, we've got our big Single Hop IPA Tasting this Saturday at our new NE Homebrew HQ at Pracna on Main at 4 pm.  That is once again, this Saturday at 4 pm at Pracna!   Hope ya'll can make it.  We're gonna be making some big decisions this week about future 2011 club events.  You really won't want to miss it I assure you.    (completely talking out of my ass there)  Hopefully Nathan has something on the agenda!   SINGLE HOP TASTING COMIN TO YOUR TOWN!

Remember...bitch's ain't shit but ho's and trick's... was a total lie and fabrication.  They are cool, and totally encouraged to brew and join the club.

  • Amarillo
  • Cascade from Hippity Hops Farms
  • Citra
  • Simcoe
  • Sorachi Ace
  • Fuggles(?)
  • Northern Brewer


Nick L. Bag


  1. How was the tasting there Dankster? Im thinking of doing a single hop IPA myself, and would love some advice on what to use. We had our own IPA tasting up here on Friday, 19 beers to try, but got through them all still standing. It was awesome. Keep on brewing,

  2. It was a great tasting. The Simcoe, and Citra Single hops were in my opinion the best Single Hops. Both Simcoe and Citra were extremely citursy and piney which is a great combo. Simcoe more on the passion fruit, mango, type citus, and Citra more on the lemon, lemon peel side. The Cascade was much more mellow then what I expected. The Amarillo was nice, but more woodsy when by itself then I thought it would be. Amarilo tasted more like a mandarin orange. Sorachi Ace, also didn't hold up as well as I thought it would. Fuggles was down right funky, and are best left to be used in the background, or with a darker ale. Very funky, and woodsy. We actually mixed the Simcoe and the Citra with the Fuggles, and the Citrus was subdued a bit, and the funk from the Fuggles was subdued and it balanced out pretty nice. Good times! Crazy how each beer was so completely different!


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