Just a little snap-shot of what I've been doing when I'm not holding Leo....

Surprise...surprise, I've been drinking!

Thiriez Extra- fantastic Saison from a the brewery that propagated my favorite yeast strain Wyeast 3711!

Unbelievable concoction. Almost tastes like a Flanders Red to me.  Very good!

Wow!  Sweet, sweet, desert beer from New Glarus.  Soooo good!
Another great example of the Amarillo hops! Tasty and malty!
Yes please, I'll have another.  Amarillo hops in an American wheat.  Brilliant!
The most bitter of the local Wet Hops.  Also, they used their own hops!  Kudos Brothers Brau!
Love this one from Dark Horse.  Also like their DIPA!
Very nice local creation using west coast hops.  Are these Citra?

Fantastically dank smelling DIPA!

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  1. It's not rare by any means, but if you liked surly wet, you should also try Boulder Cold Hop. it's not the same, yet they taste like they're in the same family (by my taste buds). it's one of my favs.


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