Brothers Avett are some passionate folk!

Last weekend we had a Pederson family reunion with family coming from all over the country. Awesome time with some hilarious Cousins and Uncles. I ended up going to the Basilica Block party to check out the Avett Brothers and was thoroughly impressed by these brothers. Man they play with passion. It was quite refreshing after unfortunately hearing the end of the Guster set...blah. The Avett Brothers have a unique sound..almost a little bit of Neil Young on crack! Their Cello player rocked all night long screaming the lyrics along with brothers Avett! They encored with this song and I was completely blown away. ***Unfortunately they were only serving crap beer at the event...but still...very good times were had by all!

Also...it reminded me just how very old I am. I hadn't been to the Basilica Block party since High School when I went to see Tina and the B-Side Movement. Then I was disgusted further when I figured out that my cousin, who I was with this time around, was only 1 year old 15 years ago when I last attended the event. I still totally kick ass though!

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