Dank Brewing Eight Pointed Star

As many of you know, if you are a home brewer, or a pro brewer, the 6 pointed star has traditionally been the symbol of the brewer. Obviously the 6 pointed star has also been used for many different things in history, some religious, some not so religious. I really like the usage of the 6 pointed star as the brewer symbol, but the original brewers star is a little bit outdated in my opinion. It stood for purity. Purity in the brewing process in the olden days meant, Water, Grain, Malt, Yeast, Hops, and the Brewer. These are all great things and many tasty beers can be created at a very high level with just these simple ingredients. I certainly don't condone anyone who brews beer to the strict guidelines of the past like the  Beer Purity Law. But, I think that the 6 pointed star has a little wiggle room in the "here and now". I know that some home brewers in America, and some in the craft brewing industry agree that creativity in brewing is revitalizing the industry! Specifically I think that the use of adjuncts such as fruits and spices, and all kinds of other things can be added to your beer to create different flavors.  Dogfish Head is at the forefront of this movement for sure.   I can't get it in Minnesota, but that's another story all together.   Take a look at Dogfish Heads beer line up and you'll realize the potential of creativity, artistry, history, and innovation in this industry.  When used appropriately and in moderation, these adjuncts can add complexity to a beer that many people appreciate.  I'm talking specifically about the American craft beer movement, but this movement is not at all restricted to America. Brewers all of the world are creating amazing concoctions in the UK, Italy, Belgian, Europe, Asia, Germany, Timbuktu, and basically anywhere a person decides to create a recipe for a beer that is a little off the wall, a little bit crazy, and even a little bit genius. This is the point of my new age 8 pointed brewers star that adds in a couple extra little points to the traditional 6 pointed brewer star. I'd argue that INNOVATION deserves a point on the star, and also ARTISTRY.  These are things that are vague, and purposefully so, but the beers the we brewers are putting out today don't often fit into any style guidelines, nor do we want them to. I encourage all brewers to think out of the box, maintain the purity of the craft, in that, when you brew your beer, you are doing it to the purist, and best of your ability.

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